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Dear Goddesses! It’s been some time since I was last able to connect with in a sacred way. I am and will always be a spiritual guide and healer, no matter what. 

For years now, I’ve given women worldwide the tools and spiritual insight to change their circumstances. To will their desires to manifest into their reality. Whether you seek * sacred * wealth, success or intimacy. I have always been able to show those who wish to walk the path towards enlightenment the way

Wherever you may be in your life, whatever has you feeling powerless, unhappy or unfulfilled, Miss Pravala has the answers you seek.

Get on a path to true self-discovery

Even though turmoil in our own lives is avoidable, it is sometimes necessary. The path to true self-discovery is found in our ability to overcome and trust in the universe as all doors are opportunities. Even I sometimes have my battles. But I always trust in the path the universe puts before me.

I’m reminded of a story:

There’s a girl in the woods walking with her horse. The girl feels afraid and says to the horse, “I can’t see a way out. What will we do?” and the horse replies, “Can you see your next step?”

The girl replies, “yes,”  then the horse says, “just take that next step, and the next one until you find the way out.”  The universe works for us in a similar way.

We trust that we will get where we need to be

We just have to put one foot in front of the other, and our true destiny manifests. 

We need to rediscover our truth, which can only be done through adversity. 

Time has allowed me to reflect on my * sacred * talents and what I can do for you, Goddess.

I don’t need to pretend that I do not have my own challenges. We are challenged, and things get in the way. We cannot control the chaos that surrounds us, but we can control how we respond to it. 

Thankfully, I can always find my center. What I create for my clients, I use myself.

With my daily rituals, I harness my Goddess power.

Potions to reconnect, enhance and sustain my spiritual connectionAnd so, I entrust my knowledge to those willing to understand how the universe speaks to us, using ancient techniques that have been passed down to me through generations of female healers. 

Now, it’s been a minute  since I could truly connect with you. My work have taken me everywhere, and I’ve met so many amazing women. Some I have helped change their lives for the better ; many have had such a unique impact on me. 

My sacred mission: to help heal and inspire.

It is also the cause of much hardship in my life...So, I have decided to return to my original formula. The more I lowered the prices of my products and services to impact the vast majority, the more clients seemed to take it for granted. And as you may know, spiritual energy is a two-way street. You cannot give and give without receiving equivalence. The universe kept sending me signs to stop until I felt a spiritual burnout.

Completely without energy, I had to take a step back for me

Though I was fulfilled, I also missed what nourishes my soulAnd that thing, the element I have been craving is you. My Goddess, helping you manifest the goddess life is my calling. That is my calling, and I want to remain true to who I am, who I have always been. And I have missed you.

Now, I’m taking a step forward, closer to you

And develop a bond.

I want to show you that the Goddess that lies within you awaits you.

You just need me to guide you along the way. 

Trust in the universe

It has every hope in you. Just don’t ignore the calling for too long. Trust me, your reading this and finding my story is the universe giving you a lifeline. Don’t ignore it. 

Manifest true happiness, peace, and wealth before it’s too late.

In my new Goddess Lifestyle package, you’ll receive:

One-on-one – it’s an intimate unpacking of who you areWe commune with the universe and your inner desires. 

No one else makes this because it is an ancient ritual transmitted through oral tradition in my tribe, found only in ancient Egyptian temples.

Everything about the package is pure luxury. It's handmade and only consists of the finest quality products.

To enhance the energies of abundant attraction, we need to utilize the raw energy in items like gold, emeralds, rubies, and Oud resin (and you cannot simply pick these up at your local yoga or spiritualist stores). I bring you real spiritual healing as it was and always has been for millennia.

I’ll remind you how to truly live again.

But what Goddess is complete without her rituals and potions?

Over generations, my ancestors developed and refined the connections between some of the rarest natural properties on earth and fused them into elixirs that will enhance your link to the universe and awaken your magical self.

Fragrant in their making, these are not simple perfumes. It’s normal to feel a little apprehensive about spiritually enhancing potions.

Some people feel a need to condescend to the power that has been in our society for thousands of years. They are blind to the truth, and one day, they will see the value in spirituality


For now, those individuals are fated to worship their own egos and cannot see the real truth right in front of them.  My potions are handcrafted by me. My ancestors were aligned with cosmic energies and insight.

My potions only awaken your dormant sacred self.

Their power comes through the process of crafting them.

From the Divine, through me, to you. Using only the most powerful of spiritual and cosmic elements, I infuse each potion with divine power, using precious and treasured elements like:

Why only use these precious materials?

Because we want to attract sacred prosperity, sacred intimacy and success from our Divinity

The elements I choose for you are perfect for such an undertaking. 

Historically, Oud Resin – which costs around $50,000 an ounce – was used by Pharaohs, Tsars, Queens and Emperors around the world for its metaphysical properties. 

The use of precious stones and gold can also be viewed in the ornaments and jewelry of any ancient ruler……Their significance is more aligned with the power of their spiritual energy than a mere status symbol. 

Gold is the divine element that awakens your spiritual connection. You won’t find my potions at your local herbalist or spirituality supply store. My potions are proof of my heritage and are sacred.

Only true guides are able to create a link to the metaphysical. This is a power only I possess because I am the descendant of healers who have passed it on to me.  

Guidance from the Universe

Containing only the most luxurious of natural properties, these potions will have you vibrating at optimal levels, ready to receive guidance from the universe with limitless self-belief.

…Customized to enhance and ensure your energy is transmitting at the right frequency throughout each day of your journey to a new and improved you. 

Each purchase will arrive in a custom-made box, especially for you. 

A physical reminder and space for your Goddess rituals to inhabit. 

Goddess, I believe in you

And the only thing that remains is for you to confront yourself and decide if you have the strength and the will to believe in yourself again, too.

Affirm your existence and your destiny as a Goddess.

Seek me out, sister, mother, daughter, and I will show you the path to true happiness.

The Ultimate Goddess VIP Package for those in need of me

Seeking a deeper connection and awakening? One year with me, during which I’ll guide you towards true enlightenment. You will be transformed.

We walk together in this, side-by-sideYou have access to my private phone, additional tonics and elixirs, and all sessions are included throughout the year at no additional cost. 

It’s just you and me, Miss Pravala, for an entire year. 

Trust me because I know that I can trust you. 

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Dear human Goddess,

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Manifest lavish, imperial opulence!


Miss Pravala