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Once you book your session with me, I will email you within 48-72 hours to schedule our session.

Please note that I am unavailable Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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The "Path Opening" Session


This is the most complete preliminary session. I connect with your ancestors, your guides and your Goddess to determine what are your blockages, your karmic links and implants and your life path. Your guides then dictate what course of action you should take, at what frequency and any other information they may deem important for your spiritual development and mostly, for your happiness, harmony and wealth in your daily life.


It is recommended to do this session before any other session. This is a clearing and road opening session. It is also recommended to do this consultation if you buy my potions and jewelry. Sometimes, you need to start the initiation process and this consultation provides you with a way to directly communicate and honour your guides.

Price: $325

The "Moaning" Session

This session focuses on your yoni and your womb. The purpose is to explore your womb map and look for egos, limiting implants and blocks. Through a series of channeled Venusian chants, I – along with your guides and mine – will destroy them or usher their transmutation in order for your sexual energy to awaken and thrive. At the end, you will be given a ritual to do on a daily basis and another ritual to do on a weekly basis in order to start using your sexual energy for your wealth, health, love and overall life harmony.


It is recommended to do 3 sessions altogether, spaced 2-4 weeks for complete erasing of implants and blocks. Know that egos are never completely gone. However, your chosen behaviour and respect of your Goddess being honoured quiets them down to the point of utter disappearance.

Sessions will be different from one person to another and from one session to another. 

Price: $225

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