Venusian Yoga

A tantric manifestation ritual session created by Miss Pravala

Venusian yoga is the yoga of manifestation and it incorporates yoni ritual, manifestation guided meditation,

tantric style tapping, affirmation, soft asanas of yin yoga for divine feminine surrendering,

kundalini yoga with the breath of fire to burn ego.

Practicing Venusian Yoga is like experiencing a quantum leap in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

This is a moment for yourself

Venusian Yoga by Miss Pravala is a unique ritual, blending aspects of healing, reprogramming and empowering by giving a voice to the yoni and a purpose to sexual creative flow.

Venusian yoga is the goddess magic yoga, unlike any yoga you’ve done before. It is the yoga for wealth and sacred intimacy, in conjunction wit mantra chanting.

It considers the real translation of the word yoga in Sanskrit, meaning ‘Union of all our bodies’ = physical, emotional, ethereal, mental and energetic.

Join our tribe on the night of the NEW MOON to set up new intentions of manifestation for the cycle.

Join our tribe on the night of the FULL MOON to give momentum to your manifestation; enhance your full moon ritual and create a practice deemed to connect you to your goddess aspect, tap into your wealth creation powers and discover your sensuality.

This is a moment for yourself.


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