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Emerald Princess Gris-Gris Watch

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Pomba Gira Potion

525,00 $
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*Ombwiri* Sheba Potion

1000,00 $


This potion includes a 30-min FREE consultation.
I have 2 Ombwiri potions

Ombwiri in initiate terms using in my language means “Goddess Spirit”.

 “Ombwiri Queen of Sheba” for Goddess Transformation.
Both potions provide you the energy of divine entitlement to being chosen, treated as the priority and manifest comfort and luxury.
The most important aspect to keep in mind is that it is all in divine alignment and being in your true sacred path. That is why the initial healing session (consultation) is recommended because there may be blockages, guidance messages, spell work or offerings to be done before creating the potion to suit your particular situation.
About the Venusian Healing session (consultation):
This is a full on session, which will serve as your spiritual guidance, receive ancestors messages, determine energy and karmic blockages, generational curses.
If needed, I will perform an energy healing session with Venusian channeling and Light Code Activation, which will be recorded and send to you as an audio link.
This consultation also serves as the recommended pre-requisite before ordering the potion.
It is, of course, your choice to book a consultation before ordering the potion – or to order the potion directly without the consultation AT YOUR OWN RISK as the potion will not be customised to your situation.
There is NO additional cost. Just the consultation and the potion. Additional healings are done by me as part of my commitment to the potency and the success of the potion.
Properties: Spiritual elevation, sacred feminine, manifest self-love, privileges and material wealth.
This is not a quick cash type of potion. It has to be accompanied by spiritual work.
You are welcome to purchase this potion from me if you are a returning customer and you previously purchased potions from me.
However, it is MANDATORY that you book me for a session beforehand as all of my potions are now custom-made, meaning that based on your current situation, I will determine which add-on ingredients to put, which rituals you MUST do as a pre-requisite to ensure that
(1) the potion is used in alignment with its properties and under the guidelines of your Matron goddess and other spirit guides and ANCESTORS. As I receive guidance directly from channeling them.
(2) you do not misuse the potion.
Potion to be used daily morning and evening along with your daily beauty routine, before applying perfume and body lotion.
Please do NOT order more than 2 potions per month. If you do, I will simply make you one at time of purchase and I will make your second one for the following month as I consider it to be a pre-order.
Delivery takes approximately 2-3 weeks depending on moon cycle.
DHL tracking number will be sent to you by email.
Shipping included.

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