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Goddess Gris-Gris Watch

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Princess Gris-Gris Watch

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This watch is of the low-end of luxury in terms of price point but it looks high-end and it upgrades any outfit.

But what’s important here is not so much the aesthetics of this product as it is the magic attached to it by intensive spell work aiming at your protection from bad energies and ill-intentioned humans beings and energy vampires.

I have created this spell to help you navigate your life without energetic obstacles “evil eye” that prevent you from manifesting your highest potentiel in all situations.

Be sure to read the instructions that comes with the box as the way you care, both physically but also spiritually for this watch, will guarantee the longevity of the spell and keep the connection with your spirit guides alive.

Be mindful of the fact that you pay me for the spiritual work I do. The bonus is simply that my jewelry is quite frankly stunning.

All watches come at their maximum wrist size and need to be adjusted to your own wrist size.

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