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“Become Irresistible” Rama Mantra

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Sacred Feminine Energy Healing Session

3000,00 $
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60-Min MOANING session

225,00 $

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This session serves as an actual one-on-one course lecture to understand the yoni as the Holy Grail and how each element of the yoni and womb space of the woman tells us everything we need to know about our path.

The second part of the session tells us what trauma needs to be healed and which goddess you need to work with right now on your path in order to move forward on your erotic spirituality and wealth manifestation.

This session about sacred sexuality, kundalini awakening and determining the rituals to apply daily.

From ending the session, the goddess coming to help you will also be the sacred feminine energy of your Ombwiri Potion. You will have to use the one bottle potion for 3 months and she will tell you which rituals you need to do to honour her.

I will also tell you which Venusian posture you will have to practice to awaken your yoni.

I will also tell you which yoni ritual the goddess instructed for you and on which frequency.

The most important aspect to keep in mind is that it is all in divine alignment and being in your true sacred path. That is why the initial consultation is recommended because there may be blockages, guidance messages, spell work or offerings to be done before creating the potion to suit your particular situation.
Please note that the potion is NOT included in this 60-minute session.
Additional healings or needs you may have will require another session but understand that this is NOT mandatory and applies on a case-by-case basis.

For returning customers wishing to order your potion with custom needs that I will take into account when making your potion.

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