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Devotion Parvati Mantra

Sacred mantra of Hindu Goddess Parvati.

This mantra is for commitment to yourself, ignite self-love, stop procrastination and live divine purpose, commitment in relationship from your masculine, kundalini awakening and Twin Flame journey.

Practice daily twice a day as explained in the instructions.

19,99 $


Why practice this mantra?

Goddess Parvati is the goddess mostly known for yoga. You will often see offerings made to her in spiritual yoga studios (not fitness studios that have yoga on their list of fitness activities).

She is the goddess you go to when you are experiencing spiritual confusion, when you are unsure of your purpose and when your life seems to be paused, manifestation slow and people are uncommitted to you.

She is the goddess to unblock situations are have blocks or obstacle because these come from within. Your energy system is speaking to you through manifestation and you get constant feedback from the outside world to tell you what’s going on on the inside.

Money: When projects are slow to come into fruition, when you procrastinate, when you are lazy, when you’re all over the place and this has an impact on your career. Practice this mantra.

Love: When partners don’t really commit to you, when men (or masculines in the case of same-sex relationships) show hot-cold behaviour towards you, when you are not put as the priority in your relationships. Parvati is the goddess of commitment and marriage. Practice this mantra.

Sex: When you have a hard time enjoying sex itself, when you are afraid to explore your sexual energy, when you are stuck in moral preconceived judgment about your sexuality and the sexuality of others, when you lack creativity and therefore, are stagnant both sexually and spiritually. Practice this mantra.

Twin Flame and sacred unions: In the Vedas, the avatar of Parvati falls absolutely enamoured with Lord Shiva. She represents the Shakti energy, the base of our Kundalini energy, which is often spoken of as the wild feminine aspect that has to come to peace with consciousness in order to have divine marriage from within, in order to manifest divine union on the outside. In the tales, Parvati wants to be with Shiva but Shiva is isolated in the mountains and pretends he does not want her. She waits patiently, while embodying already the ideal lover in all of her rituals until Shiva tests her and realises she is the one, the only one for him. Once they reconnect, it says that their sexuality was so powerful that it made mountains move and her moans made crops grow. Parvati epitomises the divine feminine in the twin flame union. She is the ideal lover and when you embody her, you learn to be your own love partner within yourself, therefore manifesting sacred union with your twin or his best equivalent, the one who will make you most happy if your twin and you have not signed for union in this lifetime. Practice this mantra.

How to practice?

Explained in detail in the access page of the mantra

The length of the mantra vs. the length of the “radio version” available on iTunes and Spotify

Here you have the full length of the mantra for it to be efficient for the purpose of spirituality.

The iTunes and Spotify version is the radio version only available for entertainment purposes. For the radio version to be efficient, it will have to be played on a loop about 18 times in one sitting , however the interruption in between plays and the stops in your awareness make it energetically inefficient for our purpose.

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