miss pravala potions

Trinité Box

2000,00 $

Sacred Feminine Energy Healing Session WITHOUT POTION BOX

1400,00 $
tantra healing miss pravala

Special Photo Discount Trinité Box

1600,00 $


Special Discount instructions:
When you purchase my box under special discount, you are making the solemn vow to send me a photo, or several photos of you, holding the box in a beautiful manner.
This photo is your official consent allowing me to share this on my social media, website and any other platforms for the purpose of promotion of my potions.
Box composed of 3 potions: Ruby (Erzulie Freda), Emerald (Lalita) and Gold (Oshun).
Delivery takes approximately 2-4 weeks depending on moon cycle.
Tracking number will be sent to you by email.
Shipping costs included.

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