get your passport ready and experience

One of the most unbelievable experience you’ve ever been gifted by life itself.

Let me go straight to the point: This retreat is like no other you’ve ever taken part before. You know I’m the best at what I do. I will not waste your time nor mine bulls**ting with spirituality.

This retreat is long overdue! Especially after what we’ve been through as a Dakini community.

I hope you can tell how excited I am… I am so eager to * finally * meet you and show you what happens when a Venusian magick goddess steps out of the YouTube screen to provide all the healing you need to finally step out of your comfort zone in life and finally thrive as a goddess.

Money talk… because that’s the part
some people dread…

Price is $4500… But get on our newsletter list so you can take advantage of Early-bird offers 🙂 Payment plans? Yes. Just tell us and we’ll negotiate a monthly payment until the time of the event. Will I take your money and run? No. I’m a public person. I’m on Youtube !

There are more ways you can harm me by publicly slandering me, than me taking money that would barely buy me a purse at Chanel. … But to be sure, once you start sending payments, you will receive all of my personal and business information.

Money talk

You buy your plane ticket. We take care of the rest: transportation, room and accommodation, food… Your own shopping is extra. Makes sense, right?

What NOT to expect from this retreat

  • Sisterhood circles where everyone shares their tip-toeing experience in spirituality

  • Commercially acceptable type of “mainstream” meditation and superficial spiritual work that looks good on TV but does nothing for you in real life

  • Me, Miss Pravala, telling you what you want to hear and sugar-coating things for you

  • Comfort ! This, in fact, is about you, stepping out of your comfort zone

This Is As Close As You’re Going To Be To An Actual Initiation…

Because the one thing you experience in an initiation is the gift of SIGHT. Meaning that, in an initiation, you should walk out being able to speak, hear, receive direct guidance from Spirit, including your ancestors (not just “intuition”). I will NOT open these doors. Moreover, I am NOT your guru or your intiation priestess.

But I’m better… Sorry. Here is why I say and stand by my words when I say that I AM indeed Better:

  • Because an initiation is (as it should be) tedious in the most important, and sometimes most unecessary aspects;

  • Because an initiation, especially within a well-organised spiritual/religious group requires commitment to the group as a whole, when other members, often ones who have belonged to the group (way) longer than you, will often “offer” you unsolicited course of actions, advise or warnings, with potential backlashes if you tend to act and think independently;

  • Because I have taken part in many, many, many initiations and I am in the PERFECT position to tell you that though they are, in depth, the most amazing experiences with the communion, communication and blessings from our divine family; most of the time, the majority of the “people” that make up the initiation process are people whom you would not even want to hang out with in your daily life, people you don’t associate with for multiple valid reasons ((though I am not suggesting that those members are below you!! – in fact, they are NOT – you are simply on a different journey and have different vision of your manifestation where they are stuck in out-dated practices)

  • Because not every Dakini is in line with the notion of a hard core initiation, which would, most likely be ideal for someone who plans to devote her entire life, including becoming a spiritual healer herself;

  • Because, in hopes I’m not sounding redundant by repeating myself, most initiations have retained outdated practices, which were logical and needed a couple of hundred of years ago but have not evolved as fast as our Universal energy has;

  • Because with me, you get the best of all worlds, as I have knowledge not only of what you need from a tribal, ancestral, bloodline point of view, but also, through my channeling of deities who will speak to you through me as an open vessel, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, I work with my guts and NOT from a script !

What to expect

  • To be highly uncomfortable… with stuff as minor as nudity (as, you can expect that I will see you naked at some point… get over it ! Like my mother used to say “It’s just a body… I have exactly what you have!). This is not a mandatory thing, but if you expect me to “wash you, rub off the spiritual gunk out of your “skins”, Goddess bathe you, teach you how to honour yourself”, nudity has to be expected. IN THE MOST RESPECTABLE AND HONORABLE WAY. And in NO WAY done in a PUBLIC VENUE.

  • To hear weird things from me, your ancestors, your guides

  • To moan, scream, cry, dance, be exhausted, laugh, sleep a lot…

  • To find a meaning to your existence! And not walk out of my retreat even more lost or confused, as I have been in many of my trips to spiritual healers, temples and so on. You walk out excited and with a plan in your head; eager to start living outside of your hopes or visions.

  • To discover how truly amazing your are and truly mesmerising you are supposed to be: I will expect NO LESS than the exceptional aspect of you – I have no room for your VICTIM self… and I will teach you to live in your goddess skin 24/7

  • To feel GOD !

The Venue

We will be hosted by a traditional Moroccan Riad (but you know me, expect exotic yet fancy lol).

A riad is a typical Moroccan home. A riad can be humble or luscious to the extravangaza (my favorite kind 😉

In Arabic, the word “riad” means “garden” because those beautiful, typical Moroccan houses are designed so that the life of the family revolves around an inner garden and for the bourgeoisie, the star of the show is the pool, right at the center of the ground floor area of the house.

In April, Marrakesh is delightful. Not too hot, yet. Just how your body will love it.

Private rooms for Dakinis and a space for our one-on-one rituals (meaning you + me) as well as our group sessions.

More info…

The retreat lasts 5 days. You have 2 additional days so we can show you around Marrakesh.

Day 1: You arrive, sleep off your jet lag, get to meet the other Dakinis (this is probably the only time you will have the strength or time to devote to another person but yourself !) – Dakinis arriving from different places will not reach the riad at the same time!

In the evening, we will do our first group session.

Day 2: We start the work at 7am….

Day 3: We start the work at 7am…

Day 4: We start the work at 7am…

Day 5: We start the work at 7am…

Of course, I’m not giving you details! But let’s just say that you will learn to cherish resting and sleeping after the days we’ll be having.

In the evening, we will have our last group session

Day 6: Visit Marrakesh (organised group or solo if you prefer to venture by yourself)

Day 7: Visit Marrakesh (time to say Goodbye!)

More …

Day 6: For those interested (not the majority I hope, for my sake lol): You know I’m all about VIP. Sorry, not sorry! I will spend some time in the desert, meditating and goddessing. It’s something special, very special. This is an additional cost for you if you choose to do this activity with me, so absolutely not either encouraged, nor forced (omg ahaha). I’m thinking a small group. Ultra VIP type of experience.

Day 7: For those interested ( bla bla bla): I’m spending a well-deserved time at the hammam, then, lounging somewhere exceptional in Marrakesh. Again, this is VIP stuff. This is the “Luxury” part in “Goddess Spirituality”. After the work I’ll be doing during the retreat, I will reward myself with this treat. You’re welcome to join so we can have this privileged time together. Small group once again.

Now it’s your turn. If you’re interested, get your name on our waiting list. We will send you communication specific to the retreat.

This is not for everyone, I know that. So if you don’t vibe with what you’ve read, I won’t be offended.

If fear is the excuse blocking you, take time apart with your goddess and ask her to show you whether this is for you or not.

If money is the excuse blocking you, take time apart with your goddess… yes, she knows better… and ask her to send you synchronicity that you are ok, that money is ok, that this is for you… and you will see how magical money appears when it’s called.

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