rhinestone jewelry by Venusian jewls miss pravala

Welcome to Venusian Jewls by Miss Pravala


Venusian Jewls is a concept of jewelry made for women who consider themselves to be spiritual and consider important to surround themselves with people, objects and events that are of high vibration and optimal in their manifestation potential.


Though I only pick statement rhinestone pieces that are in aesthetic alignment with the feminine Venusian energy, the price you pay here is not for the jewelry as a beautiful accessory meant to enhance your outfits – which, my stunning jewelry will do.


You pay me for the spiritual work I put into each piece. The price of my pieces is a reflection of the spiritual work I’ve done. And I am the best at what I do. Period !


I am a spell worker and the craftsmanship I put on my pieces come from very ancient African tradition of using feminine beautifying accessories as spiritual charms used to send back evil eye intentions and energies, protect against dark forces, provide road opening and attract that which is divinely ours without obstacles.


Venusian Jewls come with instructions on how to keep the energy of protection and manifestation active; how to cleanse, how to invoke divine forces when wearing the pieces and on what occasion wearing each piece.


My collection is composed of earrings and watches.

Earrings come as 2 pieces in a box. 

Watches are sold as one unit per box.


I am one to wear a cocktail gown at the supermarket because my goddess is about luxury as a divine entitlement and not as a commodity to copy from others.


I don’t dress to match other people’s dress code. I dress to reflect the type of grandiose vibrant force I bring with me.


Hence, my love for jewelry reminding me of my divine nature and representing the unapologetic essence of embodying the goddess.


You will love wearing Venusian Jewls not just because my pieces are fabulous, but because of the powerful aura attached to my spiritual jewelry.

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Miss Pravala