This is Spiritual Magic Alchemical Work. I work with the Moon cycle. All orders take 2-4 weeks to be prepared and shipped.
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Live The Life You're Entitled To

Our bodies and minds are not separate entities. We must embrace the whole of our being, physical and non-physical. The brain, immune system, bodily organs, and every single cell in our bodies are living cognitive systems. Start your journey towards healing and abundance - you are not alone.

A world within a world.

Do you crave emotional and spiritual wellbeing? Nurturing and developing your spirituality is as vital to your wellbeing as a healthy diet and exercising.

Do you want to create more wealth and harness the power of the law of attraction in your life?

Luxury Spirituality provides resources to help heal grief, guilt, resentment, unforgiveness, self-rejection and shame. Manage fear and anxiety and deepen trust, self-esteem, hope, joy and experience the transformation towards empowerment and abundance. Do others seem to be living their dream life while you are in a rut? The material world is a network of inseparable patterns of relationships.

Get to know your luxury manifestation coach and tantric goddess healer

Meet Miss Pravala

Your luxury manifestation coach and tantric goddess healer

Miss Pravala is a descendant of a long lineage of female healers, initiates and gurus.

Raised in the heart of Central Africa, in a veritable ethnic and cultural melting pot, Miss Pravala had a solid foundation in goddess spirituality.

She is a Crowned Oshun in Santeria, an energy healer trained in Shamballa
energy healing and magnetism, and Bach Flowers remedies and Ayurveda certified.

Miss Pravala helps women discover their nature as spiritual beings. She teaches women how to incorporate the rituals of magic and spirituality into their daily lives.

Miss Pravala will help you understand that you have the power to change your circumstances by transforming into the best self-loving version of yourself.

To understand that luxury is your birthright and that life should be lived joyfully
and without compromise.

Miss Pravala will provide you with all the tools and guidance you’ll need to transform your life and manifest abundance; whether it’s a more fulfilling sex life, material abundance or both, Luxury Spirituality will pave your way to the goddess lifestyle.

Luxury Spirituality provides resources to help heal grief, guilt, resentment, unforgiveness, self-rejection and shame.

Manage fear and anxiety and deepen trust, self-esteem, hope, joy and experience the transformation towards empowerment and abundance:

Youtube Channel

where you can interact
with Miss Pravala

An initial introduction

to goddess spirituality via books.

Meditation Music

Called “Mantras” and used for daily spiritual practice Via Miss Pravala music album

VIP sessions

One-on-One session packages with Miss Pravala with curated spiritual box including customized potion and other goddess tools for monthly practice

Spiritual Retreats

Tantric healing retreat with select group of women in a beautiful destination

Are you ready to start living the life you deserve?

Heal from past trauma and abuse, connect with the divine goddess within you. Reprogram your unconscious mind and give birth to the goddess within you with Miss Pravala VIP Goddess transformation sessions?

Read on to see what the VIP sessions give you!

Discover The Power Of The Divine Goddess Within You

The Goddess Transformation VIP SESSIONS will help you understand your divine nature, which comes with divine entitlement to life’s riches and harmonious experiences.

You will have access to effective tools that you can apply daily to increase happiness, decrease depression, attract and manifest love, wealth, careers, mentors, partners, health and opportunities into your life.

You will learn how to translate divine teachings and apply them to your life and daily interactions with the world.

Experience the power of the divine goddess within you

This exhaustive 7-chapter course is composed of lectures and guided meditations, including the channeling of divine messages in the form of audio.

You, too, can experience the power of the divine goddess within you and
enhance your quality of life.

Miss Pravala will assist you in unleashing your feminine powers to promote
prosperity through practices of self-healing work, meditations and daily

By bringing buried material into the light, you can transform it and release the
energy blocking you. 

This is your opportunity to reclaim what is rightfully yours, your divine entitlement to life’s riches and harmonious experiences. Do not resign yourself to a mediocre life. Promote prosperity by claiming what is yours by birthright.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to reprogram your unconscious mind, learn to connect to your guides and give birth to the goddess within you with the One-on-One VIP sessions packages with Miss Pravala.

Uplift Your Energy & Manifest Desires

A Mantra is a sacred utterance, a numinous sound with religious, magical and spiritual powers.

Mantra, at its core, is the basis of all religious traditions, scriptures and
. Mantras influence both mind and body.

Neuroscience has proven that the sound and language of mantras influence
many aspects of our lives
. Numerous mantras can be used for different purposes, from peace to balance and purification, and much more. 

Mantras have the power to unleash all of the positive energy within you and
transform your life
. Mantras are used to help keep your mind focused.

Developing a daily meditation practice will help you to cultivate a more
present, peaceful, and balanced lifestyle
, which, in turn, will ripple out into
every other aspect of your life.

Try Miss Pravala's exclusive Mantras to transform your life

Mantras are an essential part of the ritual towards healing and becoming whole again. We live in such a complex world that it's easy to get lost in all the details.

Luxury Spirituality Potions

Since physical and spiritual health are intimately connected, body and spirit must heal together.

Traditional healing ceremonies and rituals promote wellness. Rituals are meaningful acts performed with intent. Rituals embody what matters to you and allow you to put your values into practice.

Miss Pravala’s transformation potions are part of the Luxury Spirituality toolkit, designed to help you along your journey to manifesting your inner goddess and what you desire most in life.
These are not quick-fix tools and require daily mantra meditation, goddess rituals and mental discipline.

Luxury Spirit handmade Potions are 100% natural with no preservatives. These potions are intended to be used for metaphysical and alchemical energetic purposes.

  • These handmade potions are available as part of your VIP package sessions
  • These potions are customized for you, with added elements to suit your specific situation determined during the One-on-one session with Miss Pravala

Book Miss Pravala’s VIP sessions and experience the healing and transformative powers of rituals with her unique and very powerful Luxury Spirituality Potions.

Luxury Spirituality Retreat

A Safe Haven To Give Birth To The Goddess Within. Discover a unique, holistic approach to healing and start manifesting your dream life now.

An exclusive, unique and cathartic experience awaits you at our yearly Luxury Spirituality Retreat.
Luxury Spirituality Retreat is a safe place to discover how spirituality manifests in your life.

Miss Pravala will guide you through hands-on body/mind therapy that addresses healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to clear any mental or physical roadblocks you may be experiencing.

Develop a deepening awareness of oneness with other people, the natural world and all living things. Experience the healing and empowerment of love, enhanced inner wisdom, creativity and love of self.

Miss Pravala will guide you every step of the way to unleash your feminine powers and promote prosperity through practices of self-healing work, meditations, and daily one-on-one and group rituals. 

Luxury Spirituality retreat is dedicated to restoring balance in both mind and body through deep cathartic work with Miss Pravala, incorporating mindfulnessbased cognitive and energy healing rituals.

Miss Pravala will guide and assist you in clearing blocks from your chakras and ground you in the present.

Her end game is to get you to a place where you become your own healer. The Luxury Spirituality Retreat is an opportunity to get in touch with your innermost self and investigate your urges, desires and passions to start feeling more empowered to act upon them.

The Retreat

Enjoy private rooms for Dakinis and space for one-on-one rituals with Miss Pravala and for group sessions. 

The retreat lasts for five days. 

You’ll have two additional days to explore the natural beauty of this coveted location.

You buy your plane ticket. 

We take care of transportation, accommodation and food.

Master your emotions and channel them toward accomplishing something big! 

Get your passport ready and treat yourself to one of the most unbelievable transformative experiences in your life – you will never look back. Start your journey towards healing and abundance.

You are not alone.

Miss Pravala's Holistic approach to transformation

Miss Pravala Luxury Spirituality toolbox includes her daily sensual approach to yoga and meditation, which she called Venusian Yoga; and her curated tantric divine feminine box especially curated to help you thrive as a human goddess. Some fun physical shifts may also occur when transforming thanks to Miss Pravala

Venusian Yoga

Venusian yoga is a ritual created by Miss Pravala.

It considers the real translation of the word yoga in Sanskrit, meaning ‘Union of all our bodies’ = physical, emotional, ethereal, mental and energetic. Venusian yoga is the yoga of manifestation and incorporates asanas of yoni yoga, kundalini yoga with the breath of fire to burn ego, and yin yoga for surrendering.

What Venusian Yoga does

Reprogramming the mind for harmonious success

Using a special blend of incense for the purification, cleansing, and reprogramming of the yoni for wealth and sacred intimacy, in conjunction wit mantra chanting.  Miss Pravala’s unique Venusian Yoga offer fuses 3 powerful practices into one and one step further by including neuro-linguistic programming elements with EFT tapping into her Venusian Yoga practice. 

Tapping helps you access your body’s energy, sending signals to the part of the brain that controls stress.

EFT tapping stimulates the meridian points and reduces any stress or negative emotions, ultimately restoring balance. Worldwide, more and more women want to enhance their connection with themselves. With Venusian Yoga, you, too, can connect with the most intimate parts of your
divine feminine self and set the foundation for a happier, more balanced life. 

Practicing Venusian Yoga is like experiencing a quantum leap in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Venusian Box

Miss Pravala’s Venusian Box is included in her VIP package sessions

Tantric rituals targeting sexual creative energy is an old practice done in priestess temples around the world.

Using the powerful manifestation energy and rhythms of the Moon is the fastest way to create a life of harmony, abundance and sacred sexuality.

The Venusian Box by Miss Pravala contains all of the magic tools of the modern day priestess to create a true transformation ritual every month, working with the moon’s energy.

The Venusian Box by Miss Pravala gives you an easy-to-follow YET the most effective way to plan and successfully create your monthly ritual and to witness your own shifts quite fast.

Miss Pravala's Books

The Busy Girl's Guide To Creating A High Income Digital Spiritual Business

Are you a self-affirmed spiritual? Have you ever considered making an actual living from your innate talents? In this easy-to-read book, I share my personal experience and path to success in building a high-income spiritual online business. You, too, can make a living from your innate talents. Find out how.

ADDICTED TO PLEASURE: The Goddess Formula to Manifest Your Most Capricious Desires

In Addicted to Pleasure, Miss Pravala dives and expands on aspects of spirituality and the Law of Attraction never explored before. In this simple yet profound book, she shares with you her secrets and proven powerful system to manifest the 'Goddess Lifestyle.'

Testimonials and Success Stories

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The e course and book gave me the confirmation I needed. I have embraced my divine self and I am now shamelessly facing myself face to face. This is such a phenomenal experience remembering myself. I am still shaky and utilize all the help I can recognize.
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My beautiful moaning goddess your offerings are a blessing for me!! I feel sooooo...thank you!
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You have inspired me so much all the way from your old YouTube video about setting up virtual with Oshun
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I said to myself..."How does Miss Pravala know me, like that?" MP, I am Ready to manifest and no longer play small!
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I can't wait for your new album to come out! I'm obsessed with the bedroom mantras they're so amazing and I've never heard anything like it!
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Thank you for the beautiful session we had yesterday. You TRULY care and are so genuine. Much love Add Colombia - to the list of countries
@yum gn
@yum gn
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I received my Ishtar Flower of Passion & it is INTOXICATING! You are a true guru, in every sense of the word! Over the course of 3 years you have provided me with the most auspicious foundation to trail-blaze my OWN path...the Goddess way of course. WE LOVE YOU!!

This is Spiritual Magic Alchemical Work. I work with the Moon cycle. All orders take 2-4 weeks to be prepared and shipped.
Thank you !​

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